Before attempt to sell your car dealership, invest a little time addressing these essentials. Going over the fine details can make a big difference and potentially cut down the time your dealership sits on the market.

First impressions count, so go over this checklist and address any relevant issues to make a great first impression.

  • Seal or patch any areas of asphalt that need some attention
  • Paint or spray clean the exterior walls for a fresh look
  • Touch up or repaint the interior
  • Clean up debris, piles of junk, or other areas of unnecessary clutter
  • Give the entire sales floor and office area a clean-up, eliminating clutter and making sure floors are as clean as possible
  • Replace or clean any ceiling tiles that are in subpar shape

Next, address your inventory. Give your used cars a wash and fix any non-working lights, and make sure your inventory of new vehicles is neatly aligned.

Finally, address your finances. Starting as soon as two years ahead of a potential sale, maximize profits by cutting out nonessential expenses and keeping accurate records.

An additional way to streamline a sale includes keeping finances for the dealership you plan to list separate from your real estate or other investments.

You recondition your used units before putting them out for sale. It is just as important to make your dealership look its best.

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Since 1990 Don Brown has been providing intermediary services to automobile dealers. He has worked for Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation (FCA) at the District and Zone levels. He has experience in automotive sales and sales management and spent 14 years as a dealer principal for Ford Motor Company and General Motors brands.