Sell Your Automotive Dealership

Our main focus is aiding in the buying and selling of dealerships in the Midwest and Central Regions of the United States. We realize your dealership is a very significant asset, and your confidentiality will be vigilantly protected when working with Midwest Brokerage.

We handle all the leads and inquiries from our office and instruct prospective buyers to interact with us directly, which helps avoid rumors and allows you to maintain deniability to your employees, competitors, and the manufacturer.

Below are the steps, once you decide to list your dealership:

  • Confidential consultation with seller
  • Dealership valuation (includes site visit, review of seller’s documentation, financial statements, and completing a market analysis to assist you in determining the maximum potential selling price for your dealership)
  • Preparation of listing agreement, seller’s disclosure and seller file
  • Development of a marketing plan and marketing package including dealership prospectus
  • Preparation and submission of advertising through direct mail and trade magazines
  • Identification of qualified potential buyers from our database, from our referral sources and from advertising respondents that will meet franchise approval (by interviewing and screening them for financial strength and experience)
  • Mandatory signature of a Confidential Location and Fee Agreement form from all potential Buyers (this requires them to keep any information regarding name, location, and financials in absolute confidence)
  • Presentation of potential buyers to seller for review and scheduling of business showings and buyer follow-up for accepted candidate
  • Preparation of a Buyer Purchase Offer (we provide assistance in structuring an agreement acceptable to both Buyer and Seller by using our knowledge of industry trends, individual markets, demographics, and economic factors)
  • Third-party intermediation: our participation in the buying/selling process helps you remain above the fray and emotions involved in person-to-person negotiating. We hold together transactions that may otherwise slip through the cracks.
  • Coordination of details and attendance at the closing and subsequent transfer of the business to complete the sale process

Throughout each step of this process, Midwest Brokerage will employ best practices to guard your confidentiality and ensure a discreet sale of your dealership.

Surviving the Closing

Buying and selling auto dealerships can often be an emotional process for all parties involved. Our years of experience can help the Buyer and Seller through this process by finding mutually beneficial solutions to complete the transaction.

Competitive Fee Structure

No upfront fees

We are paid only upon the sale and closing of your dealership.

No reimbursement of costs

We cover all expenses associated with selling your dealership including marketing, advertising, and traveling.

Competitive fees

Our fees are normally less than the competition, even though we feature the highest quality of service.

It is never too early to plan an exit strategy in the event you decide to sell your auto dealership in the future. Now would be a good time to call so that we can help you with this process. Contact Don Brown at 314-909-8800 today.