Midwest Brokerage is here to manage the selling process and will assist you with:

  • Guarding the confidentiality of your intent to sell.
  • Identifying anything that will influence the goodwill value of your dealership.
  • Assisting with establishing your asking price.
  • Developing the marketing plan for your store.
  • Identifying and contacting qualified buyers.
  • Analyzing offers and buyers.
  • Staying with a selected buyer to ensure an orderly sale.
  • Helping you negotiate from a point of strength.
  • Drafting the Offer to Purchase.
  • Provide valuable guidance to minimize inevitable issues.
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Since 1990 Don Brown has been providing intermediary services to automobile dealers. He has worked for Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation (FCA) at the District and Zone levels. He has experience in automotive sales and sales management and spent 14 years as a dealer principal for Ford Motor Company and General Motors brands.