The quickest we have ever sold a dealership was one week. The longest was over two years. If a dealership is market priced with a desirable franchise and in a good market, we would hope that from its listing to closing would be within a six month time frame.

Items that contribute to the sale and closing time:

  1. Pricing must be market priced and reasonable for the franchise and market.
  • Price it too high and you run off the qualified buyers.
  • Price it too low and money left on the table will never come back to you.
  1. Preparation of the dealership for sale.
  • You detail your used cars before offering them for sale. You should do the same with your dealership.
  1. Financial documents, factory reports, and all other documentation should be available and accurate.
  2. Utilize your Broker to provide third party negotiation allowing you to remain above the fray.
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Since 1990 Don Brown has been providing intermediary services to automobile dealers. He has worked for Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation (FCA) at the District and Zone levels. He has experience in automotive sales and sales management and spent 14 years as a dealer principal for Ford Motor Company and General Motors brands.