It is our goal to find a dealership for sale that meets your needs and qualifications. We stay in touch with many dealers across the Midwest and Central Region of the United States to stay up to date with the trends in the automobile and motorsports business.

We maintain active listings of dealerships for sale by motivated Sellers. We also contact potential Sellers on behalf of Buyers wanting to buy specific deals.

Dealerships are packaged for sale in a manner which represents the whole picture and covers all details in order to prevent “surprises” when negotiating the purchase of a dealership.

Qualification Process

It is essential that buyers in receipt of sellers’ sensitive information have been pre-qualified. We will ask you to complete a Buyer Information Form and a Confidentiality Location and Fee Agreement form before we begin.

  1. Confidentiality

One of the primary reasons sellers work with us is to maintain confidentiality during the selling process. Understanding that sensitivity, we will decline working with buyers who might endanger a seller’s confidentiality in any way.

  1. Approvability

It is our job to determine the potential approvability of a buyer candidate before releasing sensitive data about dealerships for sale. Your information will be treated in a confidential manner and only shared with sellers of dealerships in which you are interested and are available for purchase.

  1. Approvability by the Manufacturer

All manufacturers require a candidate or his General Manager to have a track record of a strong CSI in both sales and service. We will ask for written verification of these attributes.

  1. Financial Capacity

We will require detailed financial proof of your ability to close quickly and be approved by the factory.

Identifying Buying Opportunities

Dealers often have other dealerships they would like purchase. In recent years, finding the right dealership for a reasonable price has become increasingly difficult. Midwest Brokerage often contacts these potential dealerships to determine if they are interested in selling, without divulging the name of the potential buyer. You will benefit by using our automotive related contacts and experience.